Cool Monkey is a project with big plans for the future and a site where our main objective is to give you a different point of view and make you feel unique with our clothing collection.
We are already full of the same streetwear brands that only offer the same style, so here we want to give you more variety so that you can choose between high-quality clothing items with unique designs.
We can be proud to say that all of our designs are exclusive to Cool Monkey and are made by independent artists who share our dynamic vision to capture the attention of the widest possible range of people and provide a better personalization experience.
You choose what you want to wear and what you like, it is what we hope to inspire you with our designs and it is that after all our outfit says a lot about ourselves and our personality, that is why here we take it very seriously when it comes to giving you a good result.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or directly through the Contact Us page.

Our Collaboration.

Since not everything is superficial, we also want to contribute our grain of sand by collaborating with the Soi Dog Foundation to fight against cruelty, abandonment and trafficking of dogs in the streets of Thailand.

This nonprofit foundation has been advocating for animal rights since 2003 and to date has sterilized nearly 1 million animals to prevent overpopulation and rehomed thousands of them.
Their mission is to improve the welfare of cats and dogs in Asia to create a society without homeless animals, and since we couldn’t agree more with them, we pledged that when you place an order with Cool Monkey, we’ll donate $1 to Soi Dog for support his great work and may his mission be accomplished.
You can read more about them at

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am”.